Drawing. Calculation. Modelling.

Three interconnected disciplines for a wide range of design services.

From defining the hull shape to calculating the radar antenna support, there is a great variety of tasks required to design a ship. I apply and combine as appropriate my drawing, calculation and modelling skills, to craft the deliverables you need. Whether to flexibly support you when your project requires extra workforce or as your contractor for the duration of the project.

Scroll down for some examples of deliverables I can craft for you, or use the quick links below.


I craft a wide range of shipbuilding drawings and plans using CAD software and deliver them to you in electronic or printed form.

Whenever required by the nature of the drawing, I perform the necessary calculations or modelling and I apply the relevant rules & regulations hand in hand.

Always bearing in mind that drawings are a means of communication, my emphasis on a high level of quality together with a sense for what content is important, results in functional documents. This helps to convey the necessary information and makes their use efficient, be it during design, classification or at the shipyard. If desired, I can craft the documents bilingually.

Here is a selection of drawings and plans I can prepare for you:

  • Structural classification drawings of any type
  • Workshop drawings
  • General arrangement plans
  • Fire control & safety plans
  • Structural fire protection plans
  • Outfitting & equipment plans with parts lists

Need something not listed here? Feel free to ask me.


I perform calculations for various aspects of ship design, either manually, using spreadsheets or specialized software. Generally, calculations are not delivered per se but the results are incorporated into a drawing, model or report.

In those cases where a calculation needs to be examined, for instance during classification approval, the clean and comprehensible documentation practice of my calculations facilitates the process.

Examples of calculations I perform:

  • Hull scantlings according to class rules
  • Direct strength calculations, analytical and/or FEA
  • Plate buckling calculations
  • Hydrostatic calculations
  • Weight calculations


I make models for various design purposes, like structural models or geometric 3D models, using dedicated software. 3D models of structures and outfitting are a very useful design tool for evaluating available onboard space and accessibility as well as for coordinating shipboard systems ahead of construction.

If you need 3D data for further development, I can provide you with most models in standard or open formats such as IGES, 3DM or X_T. If you need 3D data in a particular software-specific file format, please contact me.

Some types of models I can make for you:

  • Hull models for hydrostatics, intact & damage stability, resistance prediction, manoeuvring, seakeeping
  • Beam and Finite Element models of structures for strength calculations
  • 3D models of any part of the ship, e.g. for surface and weight calculations, systems coordination or visualization

After discussing your requirements and reviewing any necessary documents for executing the work, I will prepare a detailed proposal for you. The confidentiality of any exchanged information is a matter of course.

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